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Very good course.
Good talk. Would prefer more of the basics of doing a stress echo. As a trainee, I am aware of indications etc, but sometimes the technicalities are the issue. Thank you for this excellent practical workshop.
Great course, thank you! I am echocardiographist at Children's Heart Center (Prague). We would like to start using stress and contrast echocardiography in children who have undergone surgery for congenital heart disease in the past. This course was great introduction to the topic.
Very interesting and enlightening course.
Excellent course! Thank you and congratulations!
Thanks for such nice and very useful event!
I was very satisfied.
Great job.
Thank you so much for an excelent course.
Excellent and informative course highlighting the pros and cons of stress echocardiography. It was some relief to know that they grey areas faced in clinical practice and stress echocardiography are encountered elsewhere and how to address these. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you to all the excellent speakers.
I have no additional comments, I am just beginning with echocardiography, but hope to do stress echocardiography in the future (although it is currently not done at my Department) Very good course.
Congratulations! Nice apresentation and cases presented. Waiting for more on-line courses like this. 
Great content. 
It was a very good experience attending this course 
I am in training for stres echo at the moment. The course was extremly useful in every point. I thank to the organizators. Speakers were all fabolous and unselfish in sharing knowledge and pitfalls.
Excellent course! Thank you for organizing it.
Thanks to all speakers for amazing lectures and discussion. Congratulations and thank you!
One presentation/discussion on "minor" topics may be considered (CHD, coronary anomalies, diastolic). Great webinar anyway!
The cases discussion and presention were very useful. Thanks.
Very concise, well structurized, very educational and usefull event. Thank you!
The lectures were perfect length and enabled content to be summarised adequately. Thank you.
Excellent and informative course.
Very usefull course!
I really enjoyed the course! Very friendly environment. I would suggest updated (more recent evidence)/trials?value of AI, although there is not much available……. More valve case and diastolic function assessment. Perfusion. More MOC cases. It was a good start, needs a more advanced course to complement.
This is the first time I attend a specific stress echo course, which I found about on twitter. It was amazing! I am especially thankful for the possibility of reviewing the registered talks during a full month thereafter.
Thank you very much for this course. Great faculty, great content, really helpful. Learned a lot. Congrats.
The on-line course was great. I would prefer it more often.
I very much enjoyed the course and found the speakers very knowledgeable in their fields….. I found the clinical cases presented very useful.
I appreciate this course very much and looking forward to sequelle..
Very satisfaied. I would recommend to repeat the aktivity.
It was a very effectiv and useful course!! Thank you very much! AGy from Hungary.
It has been a very satisfactory event, thank you very much.
I would suggest make this course longer and adding cases to be reported by attendees and then to be discussed after few minutes.
Thank you very much for the educational opportunity. Looking forward to implement in my practice the concepts that I have learnt during the course.
We have problems with optimal setting of our machines -for stress tests, for contrast use,.. and also with choosing optimal probes,....Mayby this could be theme of one presentation in the future ? Is there any library of stress echo cases for study ? Is there possibility to sent some unclear case for example by PACS for supervision ?
I would welcome similar session with more hands on and practical, more often at least once or twice a year.
I expected a bit more information about stress echo in valvular disease (at least in the most common ones - like aortic stenosis low-flow low-gradient, and mitral regurgitation). However I understand that maybe the topic would be too complex for one day course (together with the basic stress echo information). Personally I have been a bit exhausted already at the end of the day... However those are really just few ideas. In general I really liked the course, all of the experts did a great job. I was a bit afraid of understanding the english speakers, but finally I understood almost everything without any problem. Thank you for organizing such an event. Especially in Czechia there is quite a big lack of non invasive evaluation of ischemic heart disease. So thank you again.
I would like to have more available similar events and a stress echocardiography online library.
Very interesting and motivating.
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